You are sure to know that to find a person to love, to go side by side with, build your family life with, overcome all difficulties with a smile and be happy about trifles isn’t just a good luck or a happy chance, it’s more like a lottery prize – one chance per million. We give our clients ‘happy tickets’. If you are holding one of them in your hand, be sure that your happiness will come for you inevitably.

You are somewhat mistaken if you think that we are an ordinary Ukrainian dating agency filling in profiles and searching for matches in one or other line. First of all, we see in our client a special fate and we treat dealing with every request individually. With us you’ll never be alone unless you want it. We’ll always be nearby, ready to help you if you have any questions. And, of course, we can offer you what you were striving such a long time for. Because our European dating site works not for the first year we have a big client database due to which we can choose an optimal variant of your future wife.

Our site is unlikely to be characterized as a usual dating site with Ukrainian girls. With us everything is much more complicated and serious. Every woman who wants to take advantage of our dating agencies’ services goes through a thorough examination, and if she doesn’t match at least one point we say her goodbye with no regret. Our brides aren’t just girls who are interested in the soundest and long-term relations, in creation of a family.

A catalogue of a dating agency is constantly being updated due to a branching network in many cities of Ukraine. Our branches are in Kherson (, Nikolayev (, Odessa, and Kiev ( If you travel Ukraine alone you can turn to any of these branches where employees will gladly introduce you to girls from these cities, will provide you with dates with candidates you choose, organize excursions and trips in accordance with your desire.